Investments for rain-fed farmers

Green Water Credits is an investment mechanism which enables upstream farmers to practise water management activities. The Green Water Credits team with ISRIC World Soil Information as the lead agency, assists financiers that are establishing programmes and funds for these farmers by performing scenario studies and cost-benefit analyses. The team is working in Kenya, China, Morocco and Algeria.

rain-fed farmers mitigating land degradation Private and public stakeholders

Mixed cropping, terracing and agro forestry belong to the practically feasible techniques for small scale farmers to retain ‘green water’ -  green water is the water held in the soil as soil moisture. Green water management has proven to increase local food production, and the availability of ‘blue water’ for water users downstream. Water- and electricity companies increasingly suffer from flood, droughts and erosion (sediments in the water reservoirs), caused by land degradation. Green water management in rain-fed agriculture can mitigate such land degradation. Electricity and water companies and governments can stimulate green water management among rain-fed farmers by setting up a regional program and a fund for providing loans. Scenario-studies show that the invested money can be earned back within a few years.

Recent publication

Green Water Credits – exploring its potential to enhance ecosystem services by reducing soil erosion in the Upper Tana basin, Kenya,  International Journal of Biodiversity Science, Ecosystem Services & Management, 2014 more

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